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August 13, 2007, 1:18 am
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[WARNING: Some generalizations are made in this post, if you want me to correct them, drop a comment and tell me the specifics]

So someone I know in passing (and incidentally on Facebook) went to Japan and took some Purikura pictures (use Google if you need an example) with a group of her friends. Now, I didn’t know what Purikura was so naturally, I looked it up on Wikipedia. For those to lazy to click on things that I link, Purikura are photo booths where Japanese girls (most often) can take pictures and add effects (usually glittery things) and text.

I had seen enough pictures like these and had probably read something about them in Wired (that section they have on Japanese girl trends) but then Wikipedia linked to the article on Videkura.

Oh? What’s this? Video Purikura? You mean little booths where you can crawl in and take a fun video with friends? ^_^ awesome. But how to distribute it? Certainly any sort of physical medium is plain…inconvenient. Then how to distribute it in a reasonable manner? The internet of course! Japan, being the high-bandwidth-awesome that it is, can reasonably send these videos to email, or the more interesting approach: upload it to a website. But Japanese girls can’t be bothered to copy down a URL despite their assortment of everpresent multicolored pens, so….what to do?

Enter marketing/technological crossbred genius! Some very smart person took a look at the Harajuku and Akihabara sections of Japan and observed: EVERYONE under the age of 25 has a cameraphone. Ah ha! So *fumble tinker develop* let’s use QR Code! That way the hordes of Japanese girls that flock through here everyday don’t have to waste precious consumer seconds writing down URLs, they scan a QR Code and do with it what they will. Hell, for all Java enabled phones I’m sure you could write a tiny app that could be beamed to their phones while they wait for the video to upload (with a pipe big enough, that could be under a minute). And what about those girls who do not have a Java capable phone or those ancients who still live with camera-less phones? Have an option to enter the phone’s number so you can send some form of tinyurl there (through SMS probably). Or Bluetooth a vcard somehow.

Anyways, I was just sitting around thinking about the bandwidth haven that is Japan. That and how cellphones in countries that aren’t in main Asia suck. And sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to live in Japan developing things for consumers, I know enough people who are working there writing some sort of mobile code.

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I have a book of all my purikura from when I was in Japan! Nifty stuff. I always look ridiculously washed out, because it is made for Japanese people, not pasty white girls.

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