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“My education has gotten in the way of my learning”
August 9, 2007, 5:16 am
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At the end of high school, that paraphrased Einstein quote could not have been truer. Having to deal with the continual bureaucratic crap that is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program I have developed a certain animosity towards it. I have strongly encouraged my family and more specifically my sister that it is not essential that she graduate with an IB Diploma. I’d rather she learn the things that she’s passionate about (photography, which is kinda cool) and get all those high school essentials down. It’s a shame that last year, the very little interest she had in math was obliterated completely by a certain math teacher who’s name won’t be written but linked to.

Thankfully, my sister is now:

  • NOT a part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programm
  • Enrolled in a digital media (read: digital photography and video) class with a great teacher
  • Free from the evil that is her past math class
  • With a schedule she likes, with teachers she either enjoys or is OK with. This includes my math teacher during Senior year who used to lecture at UChicago and my history teacher who is the nicest, sweetest, wisest, most awesome old guy I’ve ever met. (actual picture of him back in the day)

I’m kinda happy for her now ^_^ I also helped out in my old teacher’s math class. The technology director at my high school won’t give me a temporary account. With good reason of course ;). Other than that I helped out the high school secretary with an email filter and did some administrative drollery on their Moodle server. The admin utility sucks horribly, which is why they had me do all that tedious clicking (deleting old users).

Cleaning out some bookmarks I stumbled upon the following which may be of use to someone other than myself:

  • A brief  Perl primer by pgunn, I kinda wish I had read through that a while ago
  • perlretut, AKA what Hoffman used to teach us basic regular expressions. It is far more complete than basic REs though, so, in case you’re looking for some how, there’s where to go. Sure it’s basically a POD2HTML page of ‘man perlretut’.
  • Python in 10 minutes,  best /(.*) in 10 minutes/ I’ve ever read. Which is saying a lot

I’m done, my fingers are numb and I really should wake up before 12 today.


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