Sitting at my Ono Sendai

And I say to you, now and today, señores, señoras y señoritas!
August 5, 2007, 9:19 pm
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Buenas noches! (Oh! Buenas noches!) Esta noche presentamos con mucho gusto, información interesante acerca de la llama. (La llama!) La llama es un cuadrupedo que vive en los grandes rios como el Amazonas! Tiene dos orejas, un corazón, una frente, y un pico para comer miel. (Ole!) Está provista de aletas para nadar! (Las llamas son mas grandes que, las ranas) Pero las llamas son peligrosas, y si usted ve una llama donde hay gente nadando, usted grita:

or if  Final Fantasy is your thing…CUIDADO LAMAS!

Take it easy on the pisco Pablo. Picking pimientos puckered profits pointlessly.

If you examine the mysterious animal that is the turkey you will find it has two (maybe three) legs, both (all three) of which are scrumptiously delicious.

You sir, are mistaken! Those girls only want you intoxicated for their own amusement! Good day!

When the going gets tough, the meat gets softer.

If one salsa dances with their confusion, is it also possible to tango with one’s own bewilderment?

Peru is devoid of good zombie candidates. It is however filled with excellent ones.

I heard that guy tried to fuck her some place very uncomfortable.

A talent show is perhaps the only spectacle which has gotten more innocent. In the old days if you asked a woman for a “talent show” your face would most likely have met her open palm in a hurried fashion.

There’s this cute frosh…that’s where it ends, observation.

Some guy thought he invented a time machine on a forum, he later posted that it was all a mistake because he forgot to carry the two…ah science, how well you mangle math.

It is a sorry day on the other side of the grass when you write perl scripts that you shall never use.

One of the many benefits of alcohol is forgetting that the girl whom you sat next to most of the night had been the best friend of the girl you fancied in high school

Oh boy, that sent this some place very uncomfortable.

What, like the back of a Volkswagen?

And here’s to you, the dreamers, the artists and the seers.
I have a feeling I’ll hear about you again

“Crime is at an all time high” he says, “Aye, this is because those who turn to it are paid an all time low”

It is almost time to do all the things considered sophomoric. After all, it is my second year.

Pepsi or Coke, if you can’t taste the difference, you have no taste buds.


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