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I’m in Peru…wheee? ^_^U
July 30, 2007, 7:41 pm
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well, I’m not really I don’t think, part of me seems to be in Pittsburgh still

on the other hand….OH MY FSCKING GOD, THE NEW M.I.A. ALBUM IS AMAZING!!!!1one Seriously…*KRAKPOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW* That, was the sound of my mind blowing

oh and just so you have an inkling of what it is, here’s the post I read:

(it’s long, so it gets a MOAR tag)

The new M.I.A. record, Kala (out in the US Aug. 21, Aug. 20 in the UK), is

a) absolutely ridiculous

b) some crazy-ass back-to-the-future-music time-warp kinda deal

c) a country mile better than the already-great Arular

d) the smartest/sickest/slickest pastiche/homage/collage/mélange of pop music I have ever heard

and the best songs are

e) “Paper Planes,” which sounds kinda like a straight-up Yeah Yeah Yeahs (w/ Gwen Stefani) mid-tempo power-ballad about counterfeiting passports — naturally — until the chorus goes into a still-slow, anthemic “Rumpshaker” tribute with the sounds of gun shots, a gun’s hammer clicking and a cash register’s *ding* replacing the original’s “boom boom boom” etc except that it sounds like this huge life-affirming thing, even as yr miming trigger pulls and chanting, “All I wanna do is/ Take your money” and later cooing, “sum-sum-sum-summer murder.”

f) “Jimmy,” which is basically a Knife song except that it’s not because it’s an M.I.A. song except it’s not that either. (Stay w/ me.) It’s actually a classic Bollywood song (I say classic because I hear people say classic; I have no idea how big the song was) that M.I.A. loved as a kid that she is covering; the original sounds pretty much exactly the same (I might like it even better). “Jimmy” is disco through-and-through, with big open, reverbed guitars and little eensy-bitsy snare swifts and drum patters. Here’s the beauty for you, though: we have the original on eMusic, which is just fantastic, and so obviously ready for DJ plundering (by September yr local spinner will be looking for it). It’s called “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja” and you have no choice but to download it from here, which you 10000000% will not regret. It also ends with the singer crying; I dunno if I have ever heard that before.

g) “Boyz,” which has been around for a while now and is as big an anthem as “Galang” except this should have been released two months ago so the hipster girls could be requesting this from DJs at house parties all summer. I just don’t know if September/October/November can hold a song so big.

h) “20 Dollar,” which every single science-fiction director/producer should be drafting scenes around for their upcoming utopian/dystopian (it’ll work in either) epic as some example of what future-music will sound like. (The same way Cuaron used Radiohead and Aphex Twin in Children of Men.) The first half of “20 Dollar” is built around a fuzzed-out crunk keyboard cover of “Blue Monday,” and then it slowly mutates into M.I.A. chant-singing the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” over sparse, echoing beats while her Vocoder’d voice swirls around with backing operatic arias. It’s completely disorienting.

i) “Come Around,” which is the Timbaland song, and will not be on the U.S. release (it’s a bonus track in the UK). This is the only track that really sounds like a “hit,” the sultry little hook and M.I.A.’s “dundadundadun” refrain totally enchanting.

j) “Bamboo Banga,” the album opener, which is almost completely without structure. It just kinda floats along, drifting between so many different, sparse sounds. It also opens with the chorus of the Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner.”

as they said….absolutely fscking ridiculous! *goes back to enjoying it over and over*


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