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I’m gonna enlighten you with more music
July 22, 2007, 1:59 am
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Are you ready? Maybe you need a cut, because I’m gonna show great music (not necessarily rap).

You might want to listen to a lot of it if you’re bored. Discover something new! (Tarsis, you’ll appreciate the Bonde do Rolê for sure, makes me smile ^_^)

I’m really digging the whole Bonde do Rolê sound. Something about favela/baile funk music that I like. And guess who produces? No? No guesses? The same guy that produced for M.I.A., the spectacular and underestimated Diplo.

Bonde do Rolê – Solta O Frango:

If you liked that or not, you can continue to explore a couple more videos. Make sure to check out their album titled, and I think you’ll like this one; “With Lasers”. It made me smile ^_^ As usual, with Diplo, and most favela/baile funk style music, the beat samples are classic and great. Thought I heard AC/DC and Beach Boys somewhere. But I’ll let you find them. That’s part of the fun.

And speaking of Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam (mouthful, huh?), more commonly known as M.I.A. she has a new album dropping soon enough (August 8th in Japan). She says it’s dedicated to her mother, it’s called Kala which was her mom’s name, in the same way that her debut album was called Arular and dedicated to her father. I think that’s kinda cool. Anyways, the sound…is just a bit different (not a bad thing), at least what has been released of it. More specifically, the single Boyz. Still lovin’ it though.

And I found this while searching for that (such are the ways of the connected interwebs). I think it’s a brilliant mashup, especially for a video mashup. M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun + New Order Blue Monday = M.I.A. vs New Order – Bucky Monday ^_^ I love teh interwebs sometimes.

I know you don’t like rap, and I’ll forgive that. Or…umm…forgive me? Because Timbaland dropped a couple hot tracks that I forgot to mention. My favorite, by far is “The Way I Are”.

And finally (well, for now) I’ll post some pure electronica (or what I consider the nearest-to-pure form of the genre within the genre that is electronica).
The Chemical Brothers ^_^ wheeeeeeee, haven’t heard from them in a couple years, ever since Push the Button they left me wanting for more. And it finally arrived a while ago ^_^ Tarsis has heard it.  Aaaaaanyways “Do It Again”! I <3 this video too >_>

Oh my god what have I done?
All I wanted was a little fun
Got a brain like bubble gum
Blowing up my cranium.

^_^ ok, I’m done now. Well, no, I want this too. But I gotta wait until Thursday/Friday when I get to Peru. FWEEEEEEEE soon!


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