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D&D anyone?
July 15, 2007, 2:20 am
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Specifically, I need to learn (not to GM necessarily) so, posting resources for that would be appreciated.

BUT!! My roommate and myself plan to get a small group together to run a few…things.

SO! Maybe, just maybe you could also recommend steampunk or cyberpunk sourcebooks that I could acquire somehow (if you have them and would like to contribute, sure!).

Also accepted: pirates, ninjas, kittens! (I roll 20 and my kitten shoots cute looks…OF DOOM!), zeppelins (the kind that fly, not the German count kind), Nautiluses (Nautilii?), rogues (they do it from behind!) or other such staples of that nature of geekery.

Planning to do this somewhere in Morewood Gardens come this fall. 4th or 6th North lounges most likely, I have yet to smooth things out.

Aaaaaaaaaanyways, I know you’re reading, so maybe, you could help a brotha out

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