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it’s weird to think…
July 13, 2007, 4:14 am
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Sappy? Yes…click at the risk of your own sweet teeth

that there could be so many missed connections,
so many unanswered looks to reply to
and I’ve never had a moment like that:
where “I saw you in the hall”
and “I was too shy to say a word”
but “It didn’t matter, I smiled back anyways”
then, the class ended,
I could never smile at you again.
But, I dreamt, to see your smile again
if only for a fleeting, waking moment
and remind myself “This is a dream”
but I would smile back anyways
because, even in my dreams
I would have been too shy.

(once again, about no one in particular, I just needed something to send me to that particular part of dreamland, let’s hope it works)

edit_0: (*sigh*)++ I love/hate you xkcd, because sometimes, you can read my mind


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hey, nice! yeah i get this feeling a lot…not just at school other. love it!


Comment by Shil

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