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weeeeeird (vacationpost #002)
July 10, 2007, 2:02 pm
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I’m off to the cottage for a couple days, which means….patchy internet, if anything.

Also, had two weird dreams last night. One (the closest to being awake) involved this whole cyberpunk thing where a lot of my friends and I were in some city and one of our hackers had gone missing. We then went to Dom’s loft (he’s a man that knows how to find people) to get some info (his cat has a spy camera!). We found out (in Dom’s very film noir style of informing us) that hvincent had snapped and was planning something big in the central district.

Several dream sequences later (including a cyberpunk gearingup montage set to music by Prodigy of all things) we found hvincent near the core (why do these places always have central cybernetic cores?) and she was making this crazy EMP thing out of some wire, a microwave and like…giant batteries or something. I could swear it was more complicated, I only remember it was a microwave because it was our apartment’s microwave (yes, a bunch of us hackers live together, big surprise). Anyways, I don’t know much about what happened afterwards only that I had uplinked to the core and was doing…things…and hvincent set the EMP off…and then I woke up…drat and double drat! And it was one of those times were you try to go back to the dream, but…when I did, I found aftermath but I don’t remember any of it.

In any case, my subconscious is insane and weird. The other dream was about this girl from my past, that’s all I remember, I don’t even know why it would bring her up. >_<


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Last night I dreamt that my neighbourhood was being taken over by really, really big cats.

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