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I haz a plane ticket! (vacationpost #000)
July 4, 2007, 8:38 am
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*yawn* it’s too godamn early for travel, at least my body clock doesn’t seem to think so. It’s been screwed more than a…hmm, can’t think of anything. My brain is still booting.

Anyways, I hate being right and efficient when going from one place to another. Oh? Why do I bring this up? Because I once again successfully managed to pick:
0. The shortest path back to our hotel
1. The shortest line through the security checkpoint
and etcetera.  Sure, it may not seem like an impressive list but it’s appended (echo [above] >> listofgrievances.txt) to a much longer list of doing things efficiently…er

But hey, it’s family vacation time, so however I look at it, despite however many times I’m right, it’s still family vacation. I probably won’t get another one like this soon, next summer I plan to work either at an internship or maybe as a TA for Hoffman (who’s class I got an A on ^_^, despite failing the final miserably).

O_O I just realized the latency to Andrew will be horrendous. T_T nooooooooo

ok, back to idling like a mofo and waitin for a jet plane.


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