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STFU n00bs!
July 3, 2007, 3:33 pm
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Will the internet please shut the fuck up about the iPhone? Please? This is srsly getting annoying. Every other story is: “iPhone this, iPhone that”

I really don’t see what everyone’s excited about, especially with it limited to 1 carrier. Now, if it was a GSM/3G/GPRS quad band phone that was unlocked and looked that hot….now we’re talking. I wouldn’t even mind the fact that, once I learn Cocoa, I wouldn’t be able to code anything for it anyways. Stripped down version of OS X my ass. More like completely naked and nerfed.

And yes, I realize that this post itself is about the iPhone and rather ironic, but I feel complainy.

I will also be out of Pittsburgh for the rest of the summer, out of the country in late July / early August. Easiest way to get in touch with me for….anything…would be email. To my andrew or gmail address, either one works and I’m sure you can find them. The gmail is [firstname][lastinitial] and the andrew, well, you definitely should be able to figure that one out.

I will be on IM rather sporadically as well, so…don’t expect nuthin’…til the end of July tho, you can always reach me at my cell if you wanna talk. KTHXBYE

Edit_0: And because I know at least one of you may appreciate this

And the DJ Mehdi single “I Am Somebody” I thought it was funktastic :P

unfair, Ed Banger Records has music that’s almost too hot to listen to


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