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July 3, 2007, 3:17 am
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Fireflies are weird. This is a conversation I imagined them having (don’t ask)

(cut for your convenience of course)

heh, this post is from THE FUTURE!! (but not several trillion years). Unfortunately, no personal jcreeds yet. Our leading scientists are working on it. Their names all happen to be jcreed though…wait…what? *goes to check on sciencey team*

hey you…yea…you, the firefly burning so brightly in the night
she’s not interested, ok? the faster you put this through your head the faster you can get on with your life

but, I think she danced back

ah, one of those. well, it’s just a tease, you know that right? she’s already got another one lined up, look, just now. see?

but I thought she liked me back

what? you? the one with the shiny freakin ass? I don’t know if you’ve noticed this as of yet my friend but the night sky is full of fireflies like you. what makes you think you’re any better than them?

well, I sparkle, and I try really hard, and I’m an overall nice firefly. In any case, I can hope she’ll notice me. I can still hope right?

how long have you been hoping?

My lifetime I suppose. Every one of my friends said to keep on trying, the right one will fly by me someday. Wait…now that I think about it, every time they’ve said that they had a cute, flashy thing on their wing. hey…

so you’re starting to understand. what made you any different from them? your electrochemicals not in order or what?

I don’t….know


things I’ve been postponing to write about:
perl and the sheer awesomeness of it :P (fuck yea scalars!)
how ridiculously [insert appropriate word] my generation of CS majors is (less….geeky? not the same/right kind of geeky? …code in text editors damnit! Visual Studio….I laugh at you, I laugh at you so hard it hurts)
flickr script + screenshot!
coding for fun! (and !profit)

Despite several months having passed, I’m still listening to Love Like Semtex. I need another song to fill my head. *looks*

Edit_0: Oh lol, iTunes playlists I had long forgotten about, you torture me so
Edit_1: Ha! found you Alanis Morissette! *goes on iPod*…shut up. And Lostprophets! >_> I mean, I’ve totally never wanted the lyrics of ‘Last Summer’ to fit any experience in my life…no…not me


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You’re so depressing. :(

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