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A couple things
June 29, 2007, 2:23 am
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Tomorrow (or later today):
T_T Try to recover my 123 final grade, otherwise I are doomed to B -_-
QuickEdit: OMFG I GOT AN A, was not expecting that but I just got an email from my professor saying I got an A. That’s AWESOME
Last physics formal report.
Lunch with friends.
Night awesumness (hopefully)

This past week:
turned in two labs I had fun doing….including one I’ll share
Threw LN2 up Doherty incline…it was fun, it looked awesome, I wish I had pictures/video
Foodz at various places with various pplz

I have yet to write up a geeky post concerning several geeky things I’ve been doing. Believe me, I really want to, just, everytime I try to make it happen it’s too late or I’m too tired.

I leave you with this gem:
[doug]: yeah well hell fuck that man girls are better than theses
[me]: this is true…and I’m sure I can try to make sense of your thesis some other time as well
[doug]: heh true true
[doug]: yes i won’t forgive you if you don’t take her to lunch and instead go to my thesis
[doug]: it would be a disgrace to men everywhere ^_^

You heard it internets: girls >> theses :D

There are also certain freshpeople who are pissing me off. There are also certain freshpeople who make me smile :) I’m working on a zephyr usage doc for freshpeople and n00bs, hopefully I’ll have it done sometime this weekend. It’s a WORK IN PROGRESS here. Yes, it’s adapted from an old 213 zephyrdoc. Yes, I know it’s horribly formatted and I am planning on making an HTML version soon (with hyperlinks and awesome!), for now, that version is meant to be read on UNIX. At some point the HTML version will live there and the text version will be in my pub folder. -_- I need geeky things to focus on, this is just one of them.


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I personally would try to recommend owl to all of the incoming frosh; it’s generally much nicer to use than the zwgc ilk.

Comment by jgrafton

I am writing a whole section on owl too.

Comment by DeMarko

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