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And now ladies and gentlemen…
June 21, 2007, 2:03 am
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I bring to you a classic of the cartoon world. Educational too!

Video + nostalgia after the MOAR tag :P

If I ever taught Geography this would be the place to start. Cuz you know what? So many Americans don’t know where the hell countries are (I’m content with continent and general location). Come on, Peru….in Africa? You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard that one.

Or for those of you who aren’t the cartoon type:

And hey, because I’m feeling incredibly homesick for Peru some criollan music

A couple lines for my friends in FDR class of 07, because it’s all I could write right now:

do you remember those days?
the ones we spent walking the streets
in the city we used to call home
in the summers of our youth
don’t forget them
this next step will change you
and hey, keep in touch
I’ve been bad enough as it is


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Can you imagine doing the countries song now with all of the new Russian off-shoots? What a pain in the ass!

Comment by Sleepsong

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