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June 18, 2007, 1:16 pm
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Well, first things first. Good Copy Bad Copy is a great documentary. I suggest you download it, link it, share it, watch it, watch it, watch it. Those 3 Danish guys sure know how to produce a documentary. From favela (well technically Techno Braga but who’s keepin track, oh right, I am) to Nollywood (Think Bollywood but in Nigera) to right here with Pittsburgh’s very own Girl Talk. Oh, and the Pirate Party, had to put that in there. I wish the Pirate Party here was larger.

Anyways, I had downloaded some Girl Talk before (which, myself being a poor college student I’m sure he can understand) and had heard about him from one of my housemates, Adam. But you know, I never really listened to it (I have a rather large music library whose size I will not disclose). But hey, you should listen to Girl Talk at least once, do you good, some of the better mashup work lately. I’m still a bit partial to the Bay area mashup scene, however, support our local DJs supercedes that.

Unfortunately he’s on tour somewhere in Canada atm, or so his MySpace says (he’s one of those MySpace artists but I’ll forgive him for it). ZOMG I just linked MySpace >_> MySpace and Ponies and magic oh my! Given the last couple of MySpace stories I’ve read….does that make them Magical MySpace Ponies that do softcore webcam pr0n? O_O WEIRD

Anyways, I has the most boring class in the world in a bit, then some KGB and some C for the rest of the evening. I leave you with this, shiny ain’t it? I might start doing my homework in Subversion like Dom (you can no longer Submit to PRAVDA to him, you can still submit to Dom tho, PRAVDA should go to jgg, I should write another something for PRAVDA, maybe less ephimeral than the first time. LOLOL I HAS LONG PARENTHESIS HABIT!!!1one).

Oooo someone on OiNK (>_> you didn’t see me) just described Girl Talk like this:

Imagine The Jackson 5 riding pink unicorns on digital heroin through a rainbow of pure emotion. It’s hotter than your kid sister’s truth vs. dare antics. the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child and C&C Music Factory all crammed into intricate mixes of musical magic. This is the slumber party that will make kid606 look like an amateur pillow tosser. Already a hit in japan!

I mean…come on, after a description like that, who wouldn’t be hooked? I’ll be first in line for his next show here. Well….as first as I can be.

Edit_0: You should also watch the Robot Chicken Star Was Special, cuz it’s awesome and Seth Green is a giant Star Wars geek.

Edit_1: LOLOL SUCK IT EGYPTIANS! Also, w00t! for southern Peru reference and having actually been to the Mismi. It’s quite majestic. That’s where it starts, it’s official. Camels…what now? what? what?


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