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Stare at the ceiling, what have you got?
June 17, 2007, 5:29 am
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 A lonely ceiling, it might hide another floor, but in the end, you’re just alone…staring at the ceiling.

If anyone knows how to fix LJ RSS timezone wonkiness please email me. It’s driving me crazy. Also, if anyone knows how to use the LJ API and would like to write a quick and dirty piece of code that returns friendof <ljusernameorRSSfeedname> it would be greatly appreciated.

A friendship can die like a supernova; it may have happened, the light from it just hasn’t reached you yet.

Z is for Zelda, L is for Link, other letters…..are for other people.

CONFOUND YOU HEISENBERG! (thank you chrisamaphone and indirectly, dlopez!)

I’m kinda disappointed that I’ll never be able to take any classes that deal in General Relativity at CMU. I really enjoyed that unit during IB Physics but it’s far too many prereqs here. True, I’m becoming increasingly pissed off with the CMU Physics department (many things, don’t ask), but it disappoints me that I won’t formally study that again. At some point I considered Physics as a minor, but not anymore.

I’ve been spending far too much time on deviantART. I should see a therapist?

I say the wrong things, maybe I should stop saying things in general. Binary answers can be made absolute, why doesn’t society ever try to make things easier on us befuddled folk? Can a relationship decision oracle be constructed? or reduced from some other oracle?

This is how much 15-251 has changed the way I think. Sure he’s a MacArthur fellow, but he’s also an evil genius. I also happen to look at a watch or clock every single time it turns 2:51. I don’t want to sound like there’s some giant cosmic conspiracy against me but *looks up at sky* you’re plotting something aren’t you? *shakes fist* TELL ME!! TELL ME OH DARK KNOWING SKY!! -_- you’re not gonna are you? shucks…*kicks cosmic can* o_O where did that cosmic can come from?! *stares at sky again* STOP CONFUSING ME! PLZ?!

Vampires don’t suck. Sometimes they just miss.

It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s too cold.

How deliciously cyberpunk are these two? Why haven’t my peers and I survived post societal collapse yet? Dystopian futures plz?

>_< 9622775 Why did I think of that? Keep on scaring me brain, I’m not clinically insane….yet.

A calculator widget I’d actually use if I needed to use a calculator widget? AWESOME

I used to hear music in my head, that was a time. I used to hear music on the streets, that was cool. Now I have to pump music into my head while I’m on the streets. Oh how far I’ve dropped.

I would wear my contacts if I could wear these over them. How cool are they? *sigh*

C is for C-I-have-no-motivation-to-code-in-you-right-now-other-than-an-assignment-due-Monday. o_O  woah

I’m beginning to think I’m in this set: angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night.

I want to regenerate. I don’t know what kind of Doctor I’d be, but I’d try to keep up with the crazy.

There are a very lonely looking sonic screwdriver and packs of gum under my bed. o_o

I had this weird dream once upon a time, I’ve only recalled it completely recently. I was in a mall waiting for friends or something, so I pull out my laptop and search for a wireless signal. This computer store was broadcasting a crypted signal so I walked over to ask if I could use their internets (instead of cracking it, yes, I kno, lame). As I entered the store I saw that a girl was crying at the counter and her laptop was in disassembly next to her. Her tears were getting caught in her hair. She hadn’t noticed me walk in. I stared at the laptop for a bit and picked up some parts, a minute or so later I was done fixing it. She had begun to stare and I felt sorta awkward so I spake jokingly “You see, you just had a problem with the flux capacitor.” She smiled “Thanks, I should have been able to fix it though”. “It’s hard when you’re too close to it. Hi! I’m Dannel” and I tried to pull off my best ^_^. She smiled, pulled off an adorable ^_^ and opened her mouth to say…..nothing….that’s where the dream always ended. It always confused me cuz she would be wearing orange overalls everytime. I used to think the dream was hope, now it’s just some cruel torture.

Oooo! Oooo! me! Can I be the first to have a terminal installed in my head? Wait…..I’ve gone over this already right? Damn, my constant time random memory access, computationally, would I lose that with a terminal like that? I mean, grep is sorta complex right? What if I want to use a regex? What’s the complexity of regex matching? I’m pretty sure I want to use regexs to search my term history. Also, multiple tty would be nice to have.

I need a katana. Anyone? Anyone?

I’m not sure how I ended up writing this anymore. It’s not about anyone in specific, it might just be a little too heartfelt. Some people had read a first version of it, I like this better, it makes more sense. So here’s some cavity inducing poetry for y’all:
Once I find the right wallflower I’ll want to make her dance.
I’ll want to make her laugh, keep her from crying and bask in her smile.
If she does cry, I want to be there to wipe away the tears from her cheek.
I’d like to share her secrets and I’d love for her to hold mine.
Maybe she would make me see new colors of the world, maybe just…maybe.
Then I could warm her up after the summer rain.
I’d like to hold her close as the thunder roars.
I want to sit with her and say nothing for hours,
just stare into her eyes, whatever color they may be.
I’m not sure if this is even love, but, how would I know?

I’m gonna end this now, the birds and light are going to start chirping and shining through. I’ve got no reason to sleep and I’ve got no reason to get out of bed. Later world, see you in 12 or so hours. Leave comments? You rarely do. If you don’t like this entry, maybe you’ll like this


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>> angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night.

How sad is is that every time I hear that quote I have to run through the entire scene in Hackers where Johnny Lee Miller writes that up in his English class for no real apparent reason to remember where it came from? I’ve read Howl on many occasions, too!

Comment by Alisa

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