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It came out of nowhere
June 14, 2007, 2:07 am
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It had finally happened. The corporate zombies had actually become their lifeless selves. I hadn’t seen the early signs, I was horribly unprepared, no Shaolin spade at my side. If I get through this, I vow to carry at least a katana with me. Not the best defense, but some defense.

At the end of the day I had stopped by the cluster for brief moments, I failed to see the bleeding arms and necks that were locked away in 0204. Damn those Windows users, spreading the infection. I can see you logged on fools, email while you can.

This makes me wonder, why haven’t we as a society prepared for this? There are only a careful few. Pittsburgh, the zombie city, I could have been anywhere else; I was just glad there were those crazy enough around me to have the sense to prepare against the zombie uprising. Maybe someone had made a zombie killing robot, on second thought, technically, that’s not Three Laws compliant. I doubt robots can distinguish between life and un-life.

None of the brothers at Sig Tau had become infected, that was good, meant we could probably hold out for a while. Maybe they’ll pass us by, though, I doubt it, zombies have a way of knowing where you are. My roommate wasn’t in, he’d probably turned into the living dead by now, which is perfectly alright by me. Hmmm, we lack an armory, swords, perhaps some guns, that would be very handy right about now. For now, I’ve managed to organize a barricade of the Margaret Morrison Courtyard, at least a partial one, I don’t expect it to last too much under zombie siege. I’ve dispatched a runner to the other residences on the hill in search of other un-undead (even now, double negatives amuse me). All communications are still up, why shouldn’t they be? Every fictional post apocalyptic scenario is sensationalized. Word came through that there are still a few souls holding out on the roof of Mother Wean; Kesden (he has guns! I’m not entirely surprised), chrisamaphone, a few others. I worry about their food supply, we have several fully stocked refrigerators; they have the 2nd floor (ugh), it may have already been lost to the undead.

FUCK! I just pulled the first dawn shift -_-. This means I can catch a quick nap before I’m nudged awake by one of the brothers. For now I’ll sleep a wink, if the lookout spreads the alarm someone is supposed to wake me. Is it weird that this popped into my head? I’m convinced I’ve gone some weird form of insane.

I wish now that my friends and family are safe, that they make it through tonight for another morning. I want to talk to my parents and sister at least one last time, I really hope they’re ok. I hope that if anyone reads this that they’ll drop updates to one of my IMs. I’m terrified, I didn’t expect to be blogging the end of the world.

Add_0: I’m keeping my Zephyr, AIM, GTalk and MSN IMs on. If you know me (or of me), you should have at least one.

Edit_0: Because of LJ rss wonkiness this posts looks like it was posted at 6 am, I assure you, I fell asleep way before daybreak. The actual timestamp is  June 14, 2007 @ 02:07


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