Sitting at my Ono Sendai

June 12, 2007, 11:50 am
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Look! gibberish!

$@[ kI> ?@R 6?R:P6=W QSP6 U92R R9:Q 4PSQ9 :Q] kI> 368:??:?8 R@ R9:?< :RIQ 2 P624R:@? R@ P646?R Q@4:2= Q:RS2R:@?Q JQ66 96== U66<K] kR 4@S=5 36 2 86?S:?6 4PSQ9[ R96P6IQ ?@ P62Q@? 7@P :R ?@R R@ 36 3SR kIT6 364@>6 R@@ Q42P65 R@ 25>:R R92R] $96IQ 2P@S?5 R9:Q QS>>6P 3SR Q@>6U96P6 2=@?8 R96 U2W[ k >2W 92T6 5P@NN65 R96 32==] z0x kIT6 ?6T6P 925 2? 24RS2= P6=2R:@?Q9:N[ R96P6 U2Q?IR 6T6? R92R @?46] LQ:89L k U:Q9 Q96 U@S=5 2Q< >6 @SR[ 3SR R92R 5@6Q?IR 92NN6?[ R92R U@S=5?IR 92NN6?[ N2PR:4S=2P=W U:R9 96P] k 92T6 ?@ 4=S6 U96P6 R@ 368:?] k <66N 962P:?8 :R P6OS:P6Q Q6=7\4@?7:56?46 U9:49[ :? N6PQ@?2= Q:RS2R:@?Q[ k =24< 2=>@QR 6?R:P6=W] |2W36 k Q9@S=5 =6R :R 8@[ Q96IQ 8P62R[ 3SR R9:Q :Q?IR U@PR9 PS:?:?8[ 6T6?RS2==W kI== 7@P86R[ k 92T6 2== @7 o @P p U66<Q :? !6PS R@ 5P:?< R92R 2U2W[ k 5@?IR Q66 U9W R92R 42?IR 92NN6?] k 92R6 36:?8 >@N6W =:<6 R9:Q[ :R 5@6Q ?@R 96=N >W 4SPP6?R >@@5 2R 2== J9@>6Q:4<?6QQ[ >:QQ:?8 72>:=W 2?5 7P:6?5QK] k <66N R9:?<:?8 @7 PS??:?8 2U2W[ k 8S6QQ R92RI== 4@>6 Q@@? 6?@S89] h@P ?@U[ U96? Q@>6@?6 2Q<Q >6 Dj@U 2P6 W@SaD[ kI== ;SQR Q2W Dh:?6D[ R92RIQ 2== R96W ?665 R@ <?@U[ R92RIQ 2== 2 =@R @7 N6@N=6 ?665 R@ <?@U]

*@S >2<6 >W 7:?86PQ RSP? R9P66 R9@SQ2?5 568P66Q]


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