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I am so FREAKIN’ bored and crazy
June 10, 2007, 11:25 pm
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I have a C midterm sometime tomorrow morning, which I will undoubtedly study for sometime tonight. I also just got back from the Geagle in the Squill (it’s how the cool kids say it).

Insane rambling? Yes!

War! Huh! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Uh huh!

I think I’ve become rambly again (yes that is the adjective that describes a person rambling, despite whatever your spellcheck may sey, LOL, I’m hilarious)

If you laid me out on the ground I would be 6.369041982323E-7 of an Oregon Trail. Really? The box for that game was big, but not THAT big. Oh? You mean there was a real Oregon Trail? I refuse to believe it. Oh….you mean there’s evidence? Hmm…how to dispose of said evidence, chapter 1.

If you laid me out on the ground I would probably be more comfortable.

I want to be in kindergarten again, that way I could spend hours upon end playing Number Munchers in my mother’s computer lab. I miss that lab, I miss the Apple IIc, I miss spending that quality time with my mom.

[Several hours later he returned to the keyboard]

We are such a commercial society, it’s time someone stood up and….ooo….is that a new [insert whatever ur craving to buy here]? *pulls out debit card*

I think I’ve got no problem being alone…it’s just increased loneliness that gets to me. I think I might be able to draw a graph. Something like x-axis time and y-axis dissatisfaction with being alone. Somewhere it peaks, which isn’t a surprise.

I saw (one of the) Maggie Mo cat(s) last night. It was very cute. I need a kitty to pet on a regular basis T_T

Wouldn’t you be scared of living statues too? Don’t BLINK. Don’t walk “like a banana” (Ha! Cass! There _was_ a banana reference in that episode)

I’m not sure what to say about my current living situation, it’s awkward? Here are some excerpts of things I hear while quietly typing away at my computer, I’ve recorded them for your benefit.
F: “[someone]-chan is like a fish! He’s all flopping around”
M: “You can’t do it anymore, it’s stiff now”

~~~a few minutes later~~~
M: “Yes, I enjoy rubbing it against ur face”
F: “You’re going awfully fast.”

~~~way before that~~~
M: “[omitted] does this feel good?”
F: “Of course it feels good, I love it when you do that”
M: “Do you want me to do it harder?”

Do you see what I have to put up with? I mean, I don’t mind, it’s kinda hilarious (>_<), it’s not like they DO anything. And as a final excerpt (this one they made up, just for amusement):
“I wonder if I could tie u up using a GameCube controller”

Coding in C is nice, for now at least. I wish I would have known how to before CMU. I wish I had known some sort of programming before last August. I think I have fully converted to the Church of vim, C and UNIX. ESC :wq hellz yeah!

I was also very lucky to witness something that warms my heart. Someone with that sparkle in their eye because they’re discovering old computers and UNIX. I don’t think I see enough people with that anymore.

I’m gonna stop now, I should study

Also, Disgaea is a silly game, it was also written by a 12 year old


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