Sitting at my Ono Sendai

Apparently Richard Stallman thinks he’s hilarious in Spanish
June 5, 2007, 9:59 am
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LOL, these puns are SOOO bad. Props if you know enough Spanish why.

Currently, I’d like to think rtc1 for letting me mentally skip this class of 15-123. I had thought of solving something with bitmasking in 15-111. Didn’t quite understand it but Dick Chang was able to explain in a matter of minutes.

Argh, I have to do more Experimentanal Physics labs. I’m really starting to hate that class. 3 more weeks to go?

Also, working on watching all of Seinfeld. >_> where did good sitcoms disappear to? Alas poor 90s, I knew thee well.

“El odio es un hijo de disputa.” >_< damn you rms, still love you though, you open source hippie of awesome

Edit_0: LOL, Hoffman loves to ramble about old media. Sometimes I think he’s one of those old guys on a porch swinging their cane and yelling “DAMN YOU KIDS AND YOUR LACK OF CULTURE”


Edit_1: It has recently come to my attention that hot pockets are the most commonly stolen office food item

But the Kung-Fu Master says: “Why you so stupid? You not hungry for girl. You hungry for HOT POCKET!



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