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o_o woah, that piece of software is looking hawt
June 1, 2007, 10:12 am
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Is it lame that I’m excited about new pieces of software? It’s gotten weirder since I reacquired a Mac (for those of you who didn’t know, my first computer was a Macintosh Classic).

I mean, when I used Windows, I’d be more excited about games (Team Fortress 2 OMG, STARCRAFT2OMFG)  but now, after having had nice day-to-day software on my computer, it just gets weird.

Enter Pixelmator. And before that, Safe Deposit. And before that, iStat Menus (which I won’t link because it was embarassing enough last time, what with my title for that post being “OMG SEX”)
Pixelmator is ingenious, it’s not even out yet, it’s not even in BETA but I still want it. They also advertise with editing pictures of beautiful women. :P

Icon design is important, people don’t realize that (I could have sworn there was some semi-academic blogosphere post relating to that). But srsly, it’s what represents your application every time you run it. Your icon should become synonimous to your application, even on a web app. Therefore, effort should be put into making a good icon, or for that matter, money should be spent (in case you don’t have an artist/design person on your dev team, you should though).

In any case, I see it. Not just the value of user interface design, but proper community advertising. For some reason, it feels less evil than when I used most Windows appplications. Granted, there are still exceptions (I’m looking at you Dave Watanabe).

And speaking about sexy, ooooo and OOOOOO


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