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May 29, 2007, 1:12 am
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I have to stop doing what I was doing 5 minutes ago. I cannot tell you. Suffice to say is one of the things Dannel should not do! >_<

Anyways, I’m in my room at Sig Tau, it’s alright, it’s also a cave, which I don’t mind all too much, after all, you only need the screen’s glow. I’m not gonna comment on my roommate, just know, I’m not entirely happy with the situation. Other things, about room…hmm….bugs! right….sometimes bugs creep into the room because someone *glare* decides it’s a good idea to open the window when it faces the hill (which has a bunch of plants and such) and also turns on a light right next to the window. *doubleglare* I hate when mosquitoes have to be removed from my screen. Only 5 more weeks to go, hope I don’t go insane.

More things after the moar tag. Silly LJ users and their cuts. Odd that LJ uses the word cut, you know, given it’s stereotypical demographic

Other than that, well…classes are fine I guess. C is a language that needs better intro resources IMHO, if anyone knows any, it’d be cool to have like a list of functions and syntax that don’t require wading thru man pages. I got a 105 on my first lab ^_^ despite there being a minor mistake which shall not be revealed. Apparently I write clear and concise code, which I hope is not bullshit from the grader (it probably is), I’ve always tried to write clear, concise code, I mean, otherwise, what’s the point right? Granted, some 111 things became a mess IMO but not compared to other things I’ve seen done for the same assignment, which reminds me, I should finish my Sudoku solver the right way sometime. I kinda want to understand how this method of solving it works (it’s the future! lolz). >_> ARGH ***s, screw you triple star and your mindfuckness. I shall understand you, I promise this much. Also, perl AKA pukeinacodesegment will begin to be learnt next week. Hmm, I should probably learn how to do Sudoku with backtracking. Good 211 practice. As for that other class I’m taking, it should be renamed to “Experimentanal Physics”. ’nuff said.

I also need to convince certain humans that my current computing power is not sufficient for adequate prolonged happiness. AKA I needz myself a gaming rig >_>

I finally got around to DLing and watching Last Exile, it’s shiny…very shiny. Steampunk things make Dannel happy ^_^U. It’s beginning to annoy me that every single episode ends in a cliffhanger. Next anime I’ll get around to watching the entirety of will be Cowboy Bebop *cough*ihaventseenitimabadhuman*cough*. After than, probably Ghost In The Shell or Outlaw Star. I heard Outlaw Star has more boobs :P

Other things…hmm…had fun playing some pool this afternoon, hoped to run into….wait…no…stop thinking…OK, we’re good, dangerous path there. I wonder if the crystal staircase is closed off in Doherty. I should go there. Oooo, hanging out in the cluster most afternoons, doing homework or just generally up to no good, I are mischievous human xD

I should work on my andrew website again. hmm hmmm hmmmmm…Maybe when I’m away from campus. Maybe….

Here’s that thing you all love:

Listening to: Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight (OH GOD IT’S BAD, WHY AM I DOING THIS? Right….because I had to see what the fuss was about) or Disco 2006 mixed by Erol Alkan. Or Danny Howells – Essential Mix 18.02.07 (international date format ftw).
A few minutes later: ok, LP definitely sold out. I’m mad. I guess it happens eventually with everyone.

Watching: Last Exile, somewhere around episode 14 now. Also, Saturday’s Doctor Who made me mad.

Reading: June’s Wired, even though I should read Doctorow’s Overclocked. Neil Gaiman said this about it (it’s on the cover!): “Cory Doctorow straps on his miner’s helmet and takes you deep into the caverns and underground rivers of pop culture, here filtered through SF-colored glasses. Enjoy.” Now, why wouldn’t I read that? Seriously.

Pining: For home, I’m really homesick by now, my friends are going to graduate soon, yet again, none to Pittsburgh but I’ve made peace with that. I’d kinda like to be there somehow for graduation, it just isn’t possible.

Wanting: A hug from a cute girl, and possibly a drink, maybe under the stars *sigh*

Thinking: That 9 am is too early for classes and three hour lab with the dullest professor on the planet and the snarkiest TA ever isn’t really fun.

Postponing: various things, some less problematic than others, all things that need to be done though.

Realizing: The hypocrisy inherent in the system

Looking at: Tired fingers on a dirty keyboard, it’s time for sleep if I hope to be !zombie tomorrow. Good nite internets, love you too.  


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Poo for the latest Doctor Who. I am now mad at David Tennant (as he is indistinguishable from 10 in my mind), which, for me, is a very hard thing to be. I should be learning C, too, but I’m not, so I’m mildly awed and jealous of people actually doing work. Now, I shall sit back and put on some DrWho and try not to be annoyed with the current serial, even though the novel it’s based on is supposed to be the crowning glory of all Doctor Who novels. Well, I read a Doctor Who novel (9th Doctor and Rose) and I don’t think that’s saying very much honestly. It made me rather prickly, Apparently Alan Moore has written some of the Doctor Who comics, so I will have to look those up as they’re sure to be godly. Actually, now that I think of it, Neil Gaiman wrote an introduction to a Doctor Who novel published in the 90’s – it was on his blog a couple weeks ago. Gaiman is fantastic and sex on legs on a motorcycle. You know what I mean, with that black leather jacket he wears all the time and all. Well, except for when he is bee-keeping.

So, I haven’t had much sleep and my head has been going round and round in things. Or maybe things have been going round and round in my head. Also, my mouse broke. I don’t know why. It makes me very sad because I loved that mouse. My tablet still works tho.

Comment by Cass-chan

Yaaaaaaay! Leaving replies on Dannel-niisan’s awesome awesome blog, so wheeeeeee!

Oh, have I been annoying lately? Because if I am annoying, please tell me to stop, or at least be un-annoying? Or something of the sort? I feel like I’ve been rather annoying and I do hang out in your room a lot sooooo, if you want me to go/stay away, that’s ok. I feel kind of awkward hanging out there so much, seeing as it’s your room and it is a fraternity and I don’t know…

Ummm, yeah, so could you maybe try to explain triple star-ness to me at some point (Dan is not an option here because he makes me feel stupid when explaining stuff and I hate asking him…*sniffles) Or at least, can we maybe work on Lab 2 together-ish at some point? Because you’re fun to work with? And I’m bad at C (as I got an 88 on the first assignment T_T). *unhappy sigh

Anyway, hugs for Dannel and back to work for meeeeeeeee…time for matrix algebra homework (blegh).

Comment by Kristin

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