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One morning…
May 19, 2007, 12:10 am
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He awoke to find his room half empty, as if by some magic whisked away. No sounds came from the adjacent room, unlike every other morning for the past year. Something had happened. No hysterical screaming from the girl downstairs, no footsteps on the creaky floorboards, not even a sound from the asshole upstairs who liked to crank up his bass in the mornings.

He grasped sleepily for his cellphone on his nightstand. The display lit up to show a rather early 9:47. It was probably a Wednesday, he could not recall, he had lost track of days recently, his mind was almost burnt out. Something compelled him to stumble downstairs in search of some form of carbonated beverage.

Room after the other, doors were open and the sun shone in brightly. Things had been thrown out into the hall in no order whatsoever. “Bunch of savages, all of them, but I love them.” He muttered. At least the elevator had been waiting for him from whenever it had been used last.

He pressed the button. Nothing happened…he pressed it again. Nothing still. His mind flashed back to hell week a few months ago and he shuddered. “Oh right, I have to press the number I want to go to.” The gears were turning now at least, so he thought, it was very hard to tell. Pushing hell week out of his mind would take a while, the events were just a tad too fresh.

*ding* As the door opened, more of the same, trash strewn about the trash can. Nothing particularly interesting. Crockpot some international student had probably left there, some books that probably couldn’t be sold, the floor of Morewood 1C was a mess. Stepping out to find the cluster not just empty but darkened just served to further confusion. “Damn CCons haven’t been around for a while” more muttering as he ducked in to turn on the lights.

The rec room hadn’t changed, at least not for a morning, still empty, every step still felt sticky from the gallons of soda that had been spilled by rowdy college students.

One by one the quarters fell. *clink* *clink* *clink* *clink* *clink* He pressed the button for lemonade. SOLD OUT …”Fine, I’ll have some orange drink then” *clunk*

Finally, as he got into the elevator he realized what day it was. May 16th….his friends were gone, his family was far away and he missed them both so. “Might as well go back to bed for a week, not like there’s anyone around, or anyone to see” Feeling lonely, well….had never felt this lonely.


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