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Songs of the semester
May 18, 2007, 3:44 am
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I was gonna write up the songs of the school year but I just realized I took my music hiatus during the first semester so I didn’t really listen to anything. Yes I’m weird, deal with it :P

Hey, whatever

Aaaaanyways, I’ll link to their YouTube videos if they have them and are good. And of course, so you can listen to them. And the artist if they have a Wiki/Discogs entry. Here goes (in no particular order):

K-OsSunday Morning and Born to Run

K-Os was interesting to discover this semester, the rest of the album that these two songs are on is brilliant. Granted the two singles I’ve listened to the most are possibly the most popular, I still love the rest of the album. Other tracks to listen to on the album are CatDieseL, black Ice – Hymn For Disco, FlyPaper and ELEctrik HeaT – the seekwiLL.

Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel And The Furiouse Five – Beat Street Breakdown

WARNING: The linked video is the end of the movie Beat Street, I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler (the movie is near to plotless) but still, it is the final scene.
heh, I mean, Dannel totally does not like movies about a couple of people in an underprivileged area trying to dream the impossible dream, especially not in the 80s, nooooooo. I’ve been listening to this for a while, but this semester I finally got to watch the movie and also found the official soundtrack. My favorite quote from watching this movie (and there were a few) is this:
Tarsis: Dannel, why can’t we have mad style?
Me: Because we didn’t grow up in the 80s…or the Bronx

Infadels – Love Like Semtex

I can’t take the credit for putting the Infadels into my music collection. A friend of mine from high school told me about several bands and I downloaded them, but they stayed on my hard drive for a while without me listening to any of it. Then, as I decided to clean my *ahem* legally acquired music folder *ahem* I gave it a listen, gladly, it was the first song on the album. Also, the most AMAZING! I quickly got Cass hooked on it too :P The vocals are insane, the instrumental, almost as good.

Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey

Linked is the code monkey dance, nuff said. I’M GONNA SEE HIM LIVE AT PAX 2007! ^_^ *is so happy* I might learn the dance, we’ll see.

Talib Kweli – Get By

Listened to it once on the drive to Jersey with my housefellow (yeah, it’s just a little weird he had it) but I’ve loved this song ever since. It’s my alarm clock, it’s been played WAY TOO MUCH on my playlist and in general, awesome. Talib Kweli’s recent stuff is, as my roommate said, rather disappointing. Listen to the lyrics, Talib Kweli is genious…or should I say Quality :D

Quarashi – Guerilla Disco (album)

I can’t decide which song to like most. Stun Gun probably, but Payback, Pro, Race City but the rest of the album is quite excellent. Also, honorable mention to Steua, perhaps one of the weirder songs I’ve ever liked (it’s a little kid rapping in Icelandic, solo at first, then with a beat). I’m rather surprised Payback and Stun Gun have videos *bookmarks* I just found that now ^_^U Also, they’re big in Japan, why?
Edit_0: WTF Race City has a video too?!
Edit_1!: OMG Iceland ROCKS! A side project featuring one of the Quarashi peoples. Hot Damn! I like this, it’s different, least for me.

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

XDDD Simian was awesome, Simian Mobile Disco, even better. However, if you liked the Infadels more than Simian Mobile Disco, you should probably check out Simian. It’s more like it. This is sorta supposed to be party music, at least that’s how it registers in my head, along with It’s The Beat.
Here’s more of an in between; Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends, it’s been a favorite of mine since the first mix came out. I believe the official title of the song is Never Be Alone. Like Rock the Casbah. Or is it lock the cashbox? I thought it was stop the catbox. Heh, creative.

Freezepop – Less Talk More Rokk

Heh, so I totally did not find this while playing Cass’s Guitar Hero 2 one night. Not at all, also did not make it one of the reasons to go to PAX. No, I wouldn’t do that. Anyways, hard to Medium on Guitar Hero, awesome song though. I’m jealous cuz Dom got to see them and photograph them when they were in Pittsburgh a few months ago. I’ve linked the wiki article because all YouTube versions, well, the audio sucks. It wouldn’t do it justice

Yes – Roundabout

This should not require an explanation. Just…no, the music speaks for itself. Fragile should be an album in EVERYONE’S collection. There’s a 1975 version of the song on YouTube but you should really acquire the album somehow and listen to it there. Beautiful.

Kenji Ninuma – DISCO★PRINCE

Heh, Katamari Damacy is silly. This particular song is on the soundtrack for We <3 Katamari. The song starts a few seconds in. Got me through spring break.

Guster – Airport Song

Trippy, like, seriously dude. Also, thank you Cass ^_^

Various Artists – Kitsuné Udon (album)

I have no way of sharing music from this mix album with you easily. It’s a mix album, a cohesive work of music which is thoroughly enjoyable. Ask me for it, we can work something out. Hmm, some searching has yielded Digitalism – Zdarlight and not much else.
Edit_0: Ah yes, I forgot this was an Asia only release, what’s linked is pretty much what can be found

Soda Stereo – Cuando Pase el Temblor and Si No Fuera Por…

Long time fan, only found these songs a few weeks ago when I got the rest of their albums. Give it a listen, it’s 80s music fro Argentina, not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, it’s in Spanish, that might be important to mention.

Jay-Z – Hola Hovito and Izzo (H.O.V.A.) and Renegade (ft. Eminem)

Yes, I missed this album of hip hop classics until the end of this year when my roommate made me listen to it. Jay-Z is almost too talented, just to give you an idea, every one of his songs is freestyled upon recording. He also turns down AMAZING samples for even better ones.

Honorable mentions:
Blues Brothers – Sweet Home Chicago (not their original, but hey, still awesome)
Ray Charles – Shake A Tail Feather (He’s sooo awesome, shame he passed away)
John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillun (noticing a theme yet?)
Hot Hot Heat – Bandages (weird video, awesome song)
The Rapture – Whoo! Alright Yeah…Uh Huh (whoo!)
The Rapture – Get Myself Into It (see…you gotta get yourself into it)
The Rapture – Pieces of the People We Love (favorite video, no reason why)


Anyways, that’s what I can remember and or muster of music I enjoyed this semester.
Edit_0: Honorable mention slipped my mind. Corrected!
Update_0: More Honorable mentions added


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