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May 14, 2007, 4:11 am
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I appreciate good user interface design, especially on my OS of choice (which is currently OS X 10.4.*). And I like this sorta monitoring thing, but OMG SEX was my only reaction when I saw screenshots of the Beta. Now, if I get a good, native office suite (and not Pages, which has HORRIBLE design flaws, Keynote on the other hand, I like, I like a lot) I’ll be a happy OS X camper. And pine, I’d like to make pine or alpine work on my computer with the Andrew UNIX server.

Anyways, just look at their widgets! They’ve revamped them to add awesome.

On other fronts…well…I got a B in Interp, which, after that essay, I was definitely not expecting. I don’t know about the other grades but I’m increasingly worried about 15-251 and 33-112. *crosses fingers* This is gonna be a tense week. Wow, the one week I don’t have classes, I’m gonna be stressed…this is ridiculous.

haven’t done this for a while

Watching: What I have missed of Battlestar Galactica season 3. It’s good, but something is off. Also, in the process of downloading Doctor Who (2005 season, the 9th doctor) so that I may _properly_ watch it (I HATE streaming video for TV shows).

Listening to: Los Prisioneros! ^_^ I found a greatest hits CD on OiNK, one of their better ones. Also, assorted rap/hip-hop

Needing: A hug, more than a hug really, but….a hug would help. Maybe also, something to obsess about, a new computer perhaps?

Playing: Pokemon Ruby, never realized how difficult building a good team is from the get-go

Reading: Nothing at the moment, Stardust if Cass gets it to me before she leaves, else, maybe Dios Es Peruano or The Difference Engine.

Thinking: I’m not sure, I’m kind of sad. I’m gonna miss people over the summer. 


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