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I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while
May 12, 2007, 3:10 am
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I’ve read Jason Kottke’s blog for a very long time now (about 3 years, that’s VERY long in internet time). Every once in a while I take particular interest in his entries.

This one caught my eye last week.

Now, if you know me, you’ll also know that I do not believe in the particular set of beings that people call god(s). I realized this when I was 12 (sometime after being “forced” through First Communion) and haven’t turned back since. I won’t try to convince you of anything or drink my Kool-Aid, I have ideas, you have ideas, let’s leave it at that.

But…some things, oh, some things…like, believing in evolution.

Now, I am fully aware of the general religious orientation of the US Republican party, most of their religious affiliations will try to convert you in some form or another (which I am most firmly against) but, saying you don’t believe in evolution…that’s just stupid. See…there’s this thing called scientific fact, which is quite often verified by another clever thing called the Scientific Method. And evolution…well, it’s not just a theory, it’s quite factual *cough*kansasschoolboard*cough*. And if you say you don’t believe in it or refuse to teach it to our nation’s children, well, that will cause some sort of reaction.

These are the kinds of things you want to either avoid or be on the right side of when running for president. Not like some knuckleheads who raised their hands.

Enter John McCain. Here’s a smart, distinguished, condecorated presidential candidate (unlike  a certain draft dodger). He was even a POW in Vietnam! You don’t get much more American than that (unless of course you’re Stephen Colbert). I also quite enjoy his frequent appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he has a sense of humor, which is a great thing to have, especially in a presidential candidate, especially when appropriate. But when I read kottke’s post, my respect for Senator McCain (can I call you John?) rose to a new level.

And I quote:

Mr. Vandehei: Senator McCain, this comes from a reader and was among the top vote-getters in our early rounds. They want a yes or no. Do you believe in evolution?

Sen. McCain: Yes.

Mr. Vandehei: I’m curious, is there anybody on the stage that does not agree — believe in evolution?

(Senator Brownback, Mr. Huckabee, Representative Tancredo raise their hands.)

Sen. McCain: May I — may I just add to that?

Mr. Vandehei: Sure.

Sen. McCain: I believe in evolution. But I also believe, when I hike the Grand Canyon and see it at sunset, that the hand of God is there also.

I can respect that, in fact, I respect that a lot. Sure, I have other ideas, but wow, that is a VERY GOOD answer. My hat goes off to you John (I can call you that, right?), you haven’t necessarily earned my vote, but you have definitely earned my respect, and that I believe should be the first step to many things.

Heh, Wikipedia informs me that not only does he have a YouTube channel but he has also joined the slew of candidates trying to get America’s youth vote through Facebook. He also has a MySpace, but I’ll let that one slide…for now.


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