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May 7, 2007, 3:13 am
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X_X Dannel is dead until he takes a 251 exam and writes his contrib paper.

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to increasing amounts of music. I think my hiatus is over come summer. It’s a good thing too.

Also, OMG NEVERWHERE IS AMAZING. You should read it, because it’s so awesome. Cass sez Gaiman’s work gets better, which means: OMG NEIL GAIMAN. Anyways, back to 15-251 studying.

Expect some form of semester/year list at the end of the week, I think I’ll be able to look back by then. If there isn’t, it means E&M completely obliterated me X_X.

Edit_0: I’m retarded and kant speil! Also I want a DS Lite *_* PWEASE?!


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My love for Neil Gaiman is only surpassed by certain blue-eyed, blonde haired SquareEnix characters. XD Which is why I’m trying to go to San Diego Comic-Con this summer to stalk him. Seriously, Neil Gaimain is sex on legs. In a non-sex sort of way. Anyway, read Stardust before the movie comes out August 10th. Read American Gods too, because it is absolutely bloody brilliant and I’ll subject you to the best of his short stories. Oh, and Sandman. That thing is a masterpiece.

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