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Cinematic Joy
April 29, 2007, 4:39 pm
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Movies about high school teens in the 80s or 70s make Dannel happy.

Movies about drugs, drugs, more drugs, and copious amounts of drugs make Dannel happy.

Movies music, awesome music, and really awesome music make Dannel happy.

Movies about road trips also make Dannel happy.

But when you put music, drugs, a road trip and 70s teens together, Dannel is really happy. Really, really happy. So, if anyone has the DVD copy of ‘Detroit Rock City’ I would REALLY like to borrow it.

Also, ‘Encino Man‘, has anyone seen it? I think I have, I just can’t remember. It’s got Pauly Shore and Brendan Fraser in it. I think I’ve seen it, I remember something about Brendan Fraser as a caveman. Maybe I’m hallucinating. It’s also called ‘California Man’ in Europe. Brendan Fraser is sillyreal silly ^_^

You should also watch ‘Double Take‘ because it’s fun and heist-y. Or you know…’The New Guy‘ because I feel enough people haven’t seen it.
This post is riddled with links ^_^

Update_0: OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT TO LINK ‘The Wizard‘ I’m retarded -_-


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