Sitting at my Ono Sendai

With all these great website making apps coming out
April 26, 2007, 2:52 am
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I might just have to code another website over the summer. These apps are hot.

Things to do over the summer:

  • Code a personal, simple, yet fancy, website for my Andrew account. This’ll still remain my main blog for now (unless someone wants to pay for hosting space for me).
  • Learn C++! Learn Objective C++! Learn Cocoa!
  • ¬(be a lazy fuck)
  • Write an epic poem (of the rent? maybe)
  • Read those books on my list.
  • Watch those movies I have yet to watch.
  • Whirlwind? Nahhh
  • Have fun!
  • Sleep!
  • Have more fun!
  • Rinse and repeat!
  • Explore Oakland, Squill, SSide
  • Remember someone’s birthday! >_> I mean…what? No seriously, I need to do something fancy. I’m really enjoying Neverwhere! Wheeee Neil Gaiman! And as you all know Vonnegut sorta changed me.
  • Build a computer! Hmm…I need me some Gigahertz. Pedoflops is just a measurement of how creepy that old guy at the bus stop is.
  • Make more productivity lists!
  • Awe at how ambitious I was when making this list.
  • Read all those comics I *ahem* acquired.
  • Watch all that anime that’s being put on a list for me. Trigun, definitely, Cowboy Bebop, definitely (yea, I haven’t seen it, I suck). Evangelion!? Hmm…there’s other things to watch, like…Ouran Host Club! Which is just ridiculous and silly and good happy fun time American dance Party!
  • Learn quantum? Sure, why the hell not, I need to pad this list with things I’m not going to do so I can actually do some of the other things
  • Pass class? Sure. Pass gas? Ewww, it happens tho.
  • Chillout with the peoplez? Of course.
  • Miss all my friends? DEFINITELY.

Wow, I’m just losing it completely now. My head hurts, maybe I have a head….thing.


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