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Eah, Eah Que es pura candela
April 25, 2007, 1:59 am
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Holy crap, those aren’t even Peruvian Spanish words. I don’t know, I didn’t like reggaeton back in Peru, however, after having been to a party this weekend (for the first time in a long time) I realized something: I miss reggaeton. O_O *shock* can’t believe I typed that. But seriously, I was walking to class and all of a sudden Don Omar – Conteo plays on my iPod Shuffle. I enjoyed the song, it went well in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift which is why I downloaded it to begin with. I don’t know, fast cars, loose women, catchy music..that’s what the Fast and Furious series is about, they try a storyline, but…screw that, everyone knows it’s about the cars, women and music.

As soon as it came on I sort of blanked and remembered pretty much every party I attended during Junior and Senior years. I’m not going to forget the rise of “el perreo” which I do not feel like going into detail with just as to say it’s exponential grinding or for that matter everything else associated with reggaeton. It’s just sort of…deliciously decadent…latino…adjective. But…I miss it, possibly because it made people crazy (well, that and alcohol) and sleazy (as Enrique so well put it).

Anyways, I miss it, I miss Peruvian parties, I miss being able to drink without having to hide in the basement, a room or a backyard, I miss watching the ladies be extremely stupid and hot at the same time, I miss the assholes fighting with each other over pointless shit, it still strikes me as weird that I would miss these things but…nostalgia…for decadence? It’s possible. I can’t believe I just wrote that or even thought it to begin with. I must be REALLY homesick.

Eah, eah que es pura candela….

Oh god, I’m a sad sad little man -_-


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