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One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
April 9, 2007, 2:35 am
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All following arithmetic is done modulo 2. Which makes me a 1 I guess. *sigh* anyhow…here I go, rambling off again.

up0: I think I just failed that programming exam. Maybe I’ll get points on concept and base cases. MAYBE. In any case, the day does not begin well

Weekend was pretty good up until the very last moments of today where I’ve begun to think too much about my world. *remembers* Suck it up kid, there’s nothing you can do about it*

In any case, it was awesome that my mom could stop by for her Easter break. I really appreciated it :: distance hugs ::, also gave me a chance to finally see the Warhol Museum and eat awesome Greek food in downtown Pittsburgh (at this place called Cristos, the cook used to be Jackie O’s chef on her yacht). OMG the Warhol Museum is most awesome indeed, an infatuation of pop culture and ego trippin’; cuz, however awesome Andy Warhol may have been, you have to admit, he boosted SO MANY PPLZ egos. Also, he’s a CMU graduate, which makes him doubly awesome. My favorite piece had to be Silver Clouds and the gunpowder exhibit. *sigh* I need a room with giant floating silver pillows, it would make me feel better.

Food at Cristos was delicious, I think mom enjoyed it a lot too ^_^. ‘Nuff said

I came back and then went to the Waterfront to watch Blades of Glory. ’twas a good movie but I’m beginning to think Will Ferrell is losing it. He used to be genuinely funny, now he’s routinely funny. I probably wasn’t in the right mood for BoG (yea, I abbreviated it) but I still think it was just OK. I need to see Bee Movie, I miss Jerry Seinfeld’s humor. If you haven’t seen Comedian, you wouldn’t know what he went through. It’s an interesting look into his life after, but the man did reinvent himself, granted, he really can’t escape being the Seinfeld we all know and love but hey, give him a break.

Came back after a cold wait at the bus stop. No one was around, went over to E Tower, disappeared a few minutes after (I’m beginning to get really good at this, especially when certain situations arise). Nothing else to say (think modular arithmetic again)

Went to check out Instamatique at some point Quite awesome but i must have not been there at the most active of hours (around 3 am sometime). Dom’s pictures were awesome, Lea’s dresses were pretty cool although I never saw one worn (I demand proof goramn it!).

Ok, so, I need sleep, I have a programming exam tomorrow that I’m incredibly unsure about. Then I should do Physics homework so I can turn it in at recitation because there’s no way I’m gonna understand this before lecture. *sigh* maybe I should just drop the class.

Watching: Whatever will be aired of The Black Donnellys. It’s a great series, I don’t know why it was cancelled. Kind of sad it only lasts 13 episodes (7 of which have yet to air, or may even remain unaired) considering the series is so good, I mean, who doesn’t love any drama with badass Irish brothers? Seriously, I swear America is hung up on violence sometimes….and high fructose corn syrup, but let’s not even start that one.

Listening to: Nothing atm, at some point I was between Prozzak – Strange Disease (don’t ask) and Freezepop – Less Talk, More Rokk (awesome!!! I’m seeing them at PAX for sure)

Reading: Y- The Last Man. OMGWTFBBQ AWESOME!!!!!!

Poking: This scab on my knee

Making: A fool of myself, duh.

I need: Friday off….oh…wait…heh…CARNIVAL FTW

Drinking: Authentic Inca Kola….maybe vodka over the weekend (don’t ask). And EWWWW, not together. NEVER MIX INCA KOLA AND ALCOHOL. It’s just nasty.

Happy?: Maybe, depends….possibly…[conditional statement]

I have to pass out now, I hope I don’t have another of those incredibly creepy dreams. My subconscious scares me shitless. Good night internets. Another day happens in a few hours, seize it….or something like that


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