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Counting down to the weekend in more ways than one
April 6, 2007, 2:36 am
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THIS WEEK IS TAKING TOO LONG. Especially this final stretch what with the crazy 251 assignment I feel completely hopeless on, we’re debating whether or not we can get more points by submitting later. I think I’m gonna ask Yang to give me some pointers. I’ve tried several things, I keep running into errors.

I have a meeting with Dean Stehlik on Monday, I hope that goes well. He’s kinda just too awesome. His office is filled to the brim with books, how can you not love that? Which makes me wonder about whuffie. I’ve always thought that the concept of reputation based economies was interesting. I wonder what it would look like at CMU, particularly in the SCS department (we have an art school? a football team? LIES, I won’t believe them). Stehlik would have tons of whuffie, Sutner and Mackey too. *ponders*

Ah, the post-scarcity society and economy. I probably won’t see it in my lifetime, but every time I delve into more scifi about post-apoc and nanotech and formulators I keep thinking: “Hey, we’re making some of these things already.” I mean, people at CMU are already working on the own form of programmable matter, Claytronics (a little more here) Yeah, we had a lecture about it in Freshman IC, I payed attention, I’m not a loser.

That takes me to: “What do you want to do with your CS degree?” I’m not sure, I have this idea, it might take a while, but by the time I can actually make it work, it might still be useful, I’m not going to say what it is for obvious reasons, I am going to try to maneuver my courseload so that I can really look into it by Junior year. Other than that…I don’t know. Always hoping to someday work at Apple. Microserfs really got to me in more ways than one. I also begun to think about past that, I mean, our job expectancy is quite short, it’s just a reality of the field. I like teaching, I might do that, it runs in my blood. *sigh* Too much future to think about in too little time.

And finally, this week has been better. I figure it has something to do with not spending as much time with my regular 251 study group but instead with a proper subset of it. I mean, I see them every day (or almost every day) but ahhhhhh parity ¬_¬ especially in the spring. Ever notice how so many people crawl out of the holes when the sun comes out? Sun worshippers, all of you, don’t fear going outside just because the sun is not out. I personally like those mornings with amazingly thick fog,

*sigh* another 12 or so hours to go until the weekend begins. IT TAKES TOO LONG. I used to start the weekend on Thursday thanks to the Annie Mac show (^_^ happiest show on the planet) but they moved that to Friday and I sort of stopped listening. Maybe that’s another of those things I should do again.

I should do a lot of things again. If life had a reset button I probably would have abused it until I got it right. I’m OCD like that with video games sometimes.

Plans for the weekend: Hang out with mom, other than that, not much else. Call me, we’ll do something, I’ll dance to my ringtone, my mom probably will too. She’s awesome like that, I missed her ^_^U Yea I admitted it on the internets, The Onion better not run “College Student misses mother, everyone points and laughs” tomorrow.

Listening to: The Police – Roxanne (Roxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanne)

Reading: Nothing, putting stuff off, the natraT. I really should start Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere or finish reading Lynxblade

Everyone agrees: 251 is a sadistic mistress, everyone who takes it likes it and hates it.

Researching: obscure Java operators and useful code optimizations.

Lyrics (because they are ever so appropriate to my current mental state, also, because they’re awesome):
A year has passed since I wrote my note
But I should have known this right from the start
Only hope can keep me together
Love can mend your life
But love can break your heart

The most sense I’ve heard/read today: this. Seriously people, shut up already. It’s getting really old, really fast. It’s also a personal preference, don’t bash people for using another OS, that’s their choice. And they get an error, try to help them if you can. I’ve had my share of Windows hackathons in order to fix some small interface annoyance *shrug* as with any system. I really do wish there was some sort of cross platform storage filesystem. I don’t need to run things, just store then. Maybe some sort of FS that adapts? Hmmm *totally not thinking about coding a FS sometime*

Now, to bed, to go to my one class tomorrow morning and then lunch with me mum. YAYz


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