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Have you heard? It’s all over the internets
April 4, 2007, 1:36 am
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dug out from teh archive of written things that haven’t been burninated, bahleted or torn the fuck up. Yes, I’m sort of an angsty writer, shut up about it, I really don’t wanna hear it. Also, call me emo and die. I hate that word. This shit is emo.


why do you keep running from existence silly ape?
live the life, right here, right now
photographically immortal no more
what happens when we pull the switch
and it all goes off
every memory written, every picture stolen, every film recorded
what now? start again? no…yes…most likely

dream, if not, at least think you have
act? sure, go ahead. we’ll laugh and fall over
but it’ll have been worth it. right?
has it been worth it?
i don’t know
at least you’re not on a rooftop edge with a pencil up your nose
and a hand poised to push


*and somewhere among synapses and neuron paths, something snapped*

I can’t add, at least not with BigIntegers. I mean, I can now, because I figured out the retarded shit I was doing. I hate when code IN THEORY will work, but in practice, NOT AT FREAKIN’ ALL. I will learn to subtract tomorrow, sometime after my ONE CLASS. heh heh, SUCKAZ

Things to live for at the moment: The weekend (isn’t it always?), Carnival, PAX, the movies I haven’t seen, the books I haven’t read, DEMETRI MARTIN AT CARNIVAL OMGWTFBBQ, summer love? (if it happens, it hasn’t before, but we’ll see)

Listening to: the ramblings of the corners of my mind and helicopters wtf Pittsburgh

Watching: This, because it’s so freaking cute and on teh internets (ThCass! ^_^U)

Not Looking Forward to: the freakin weather

Word I think I’ve said too much just now: freakin’

Word I should say more often: NINJAAAAA (heh, awesome Greg ftw)

Annoyed at: the Frats, particularly SAE (SigAlphEp) for making people PAY to play assassin

Insane: Yes

Mexican I’ve impersonated recently: Pablo Escobar

Is he really Mexican?: No, but at this point, people either don’t know or don’t care

Should I stop watching movies about drugs?: Pfffft, no

Should I do drugs?: Pffffft, even more no

Can we stop here?: We can’t stop here! This is bat country!!

So it’s not Sparta?: Dude, stop it, you’re crossreferencing too many movies at once, not well I might add

Am I talking to myself: Or….is myself talking to me….hmm

Remembering: Earthquakes, for some reason

Listing: Things :P

Typing: stuff

Putting off: Physics crap due in a few hours

Signing: Off



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