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You know sometimes when you just have to leave?
March 25, 2007, 3:41 am
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Capture the Flag with Stuff was all the fun I thought it would be. There was an injury involved, but it’s just skin and blood, it’ll heal. Things of skin and blood heal, I’ve learned that much. I had to leave after the second game, I wasn’t in any condition to move, I’d just be in the way. Seems to be a recurring theme through my life, being in the way.

Cutting for sake of rant in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…k

My Macbook Pro battery cracked tonight. My roommate and I were watching TV and we hear this loud crack, thinking it’s nothing, we just continue watching. A while later I decided to clean my desk, and I went to clean out from under my laptop and I notice the battery bulging out. REMOVED THAT IMMEDIATELY, *phew* Looked around the case, seems to be fine. Hopefully I can keep the computer while I send the battery in for replacement (it’s under warranty).

Tonight I had a sort of birthday dinner (is suspicious, nevermind that). Went over to Boss House and Rob, Yang, Kristin and Cass cooked. There was joup (Jewish Soup!) with matza balls (matza balls have potential, I swear), pasta salad of some sort (not sure, it had beans, still good, just different) and OMGSalmon and Mushrooms (and some other flavor I couldn’t place). It was good and Kristin had made me a cake (“She has baked me a cake, she has baked me a cake” ^_^U). It was interracial cake and it was equally delicious (remember kids, equality is delicious). We had been playing Smash while waiting for food, I pwned some n00bs with Yoshi ^_^. But as soon as food was over, they split off into pairs and given my increasing disdain for even parity and feeling left out of a bijection I decided it was time to excuse myself and leave. I’m trying to avoid as many of those situations as possible, they just get me thinking. That, and also, certain jackasses feel the need to remind me of that fact every single time we go out as a group (it happened way too much over spring break week ¬_¬).

Sometimes you just have to leave.

I went back to my dorm room, listened and tagged some more music. Tarsis came over this morning, we hung out, it was cool, I got lots of music tagging done, we watched Sneakers. IT WAS AMAZING. Backwards running my train of thought is.

This morning I dug out a…thing I wrote once about music. Here goes:

Amber chords drift off amidst the beat of world, entrancing, enrapturing and enchanting all those who hear them. each person starts to twitch in the way only they can, moved by their soul, moved by the music, moved until they can’t no more. it stops us for that one moment. to hold forever amazed by th’other art until once more the beat accelerates dropping each one back into a frenzied spasm.
at the end of the night there’s more than just physical exhaustion, it’s a completion like no other, satisfaction that only the music can bring. the music ends only as the world begins bringing that happy one-night traveler of the stars back to the mundane.

It’s similar to something I wrote once before. I miss those nights. I need someone to spend nights floating in cyberspace, with possible excursions into the real world around the Carnegie Mellon campus. Woo-hoo -_-. Enough about that. Go about your lives whoever might be reading this.

Here’s more of the same, because I feel like it, because I listened to some great music and read part of a great book.

Listening to: Quarashi – Payback and Stun Gun (from Guerilla Disco, their last and final album T_T), Black Star – Definition, Parov Stelar – Psychedelic Jazz (OMGWTFBBQ), Infadels – Love Like Semtex (hot, like sex, but better, you could call it explosive *giggle*),  Guster – Airport Song (thCass!)

Reading: Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle (loving it, not past first 20 pages), Lynxblade is there for me to read, but I’m going to try to do that sometime next weekend.

Watching: Until as of 5 minutes ago, The Boondocks, I can’t wait for the new season sometime this summer.

Thinking about: How much my scraped knee hurts and how to patch my ripped jeans. And the potentials of hydrogen peroxide H_2O_2 heh, chemistry, I should take that again. 

I want the all purpose crypto key *_*. Blind hackers rule


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