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Apparently WordPress has LaTeX
March 16, 2007, 2:43 am
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Now…I wish this meant I could submit 251 homework through WordPress *glares at all those Office Equation editor lamers in his study group, then remembers how ridiculously oldschool he is* but I doubt von Ahn would like that. Yes, a MacArthur Fellow teaches my CS class :P suck it….everywhere else that doesn’t have a MacArthur Fellow.

LaTeX is sweet, no matter how antiquated Kesden may think it is XP

e^{(\pi i)} + 1 = 0 Simplicity and beauty in mathematics

That finally made sense to me this semester, it’s pretty stupid of me not to have gotten it before but once the-almighty-god-of-math John Mackey explained it in Calc of Approximation it made more sense. *shrug* sometimes you just need Mackey to explain the world for it to make sense.

Also {John\ Mackey} >> {Luis\ von\ Ahn} even if I like counting from 0. I just can’t make up my mind in the whole debate. von Ahn doesn’t have mathematical animals other than Trogdor the Inductionator whereas Mackey has a motivated magical mathematical monkey called Mojo and of course AFSOC, the contradiction pig (to name a few). I’ve also had Mackey for one more class than von Ahn. He’sjusttooawesome.

Anyways, now I’m trying to decide whether or not to take 15-211 (Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms) during the summer semester. This would catch me up to a lot of people in CS and I’d be taking it with the same teacher I have right now (Victor Adamchik) and also with a friend but…I’d leave another friend behind. I don’t want to, I really don’t but…I’m torn…maybe I’ll catch up on my physics lab requirement, that way I could take Physics III in the Fall ^_^U *is totally not a Physics geek*. I’m not sure, I need to talk to my advisor, and well…to my friends.

Now…imagine a tall Russian/Eastern European guy lecturing with a grin from ear to ear everytime. I swear, he makes 15-111 (Advanced Programming) a great class, I feel like I’m learning something and still interested in the course. Anyways, to drop on a light note, here:

"What is big-Oh? THIS IS BIG-OH!" - Adamchik

For those of you interested in what he was talking about, here. I could have sworn my last program ran at O(H(n)), I still got a 98 on it…hweird.




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