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March 13, 2007, 5:05 pm
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Ok, that seemed like a bad idea

*laughs insanely while running away*



More rambling after the jump

I love how Hollywood’s answer to global warming in “The Day After Tomorrow” is…well….”Let’s All move to Mexico! LOLOL. Also, screw Canada, they’re used to the cold anyway, it’ll be like a colder winter, eh?”. Also, I think what they should have found a couple of cozy Tauntauns, cut them open with their lightsabers and crawled inside while the storm passed. Or Peter Griffin, either work.

>_> Hollywood ignorance gets to me sometimes… regular ignorance, but everyone quotes it.

You know, “The Day After Tomorrow” got one thing right; Americans can be hypocritical assholes. What will happen one day when we actually need Mexico to help us? They will shut their borders, the way we shut ours to them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m American, but as a mass, there seems to be this sense of superiority amongst Americans, almost like they own the world. Like in the movie, they burst into Mexico like they own the place. I wouldn’t like that, les diría que vuelvan de donde vinieron (go back to where you came from). Anyways, back to nitpicking details of movies.

And one more thing , the writers could have turned the last part of the library scene into an entirely Quixotic moment. What books would you save? Which ones would you burn to keep yourself alive? *sigh* That scene should have been in there, make the movie slightly more thought-provoking.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Most likely, well I’ll try to explain. In the classic Spanish novel El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha there is a scene where the priest and the housekeeper go through the books of chivalry that supposedly turned Don Quixote mad, in the end burning up most of them. It’s a great scene, it’s also a critique by Cervantes on literature of the time. That should have happened in the library scenes. Hollywood directors and producers need balls…cojones, if you will.

More rambling coming up at 11

Watching: The Day After Tomorrow (duh! Battlestar is on hold right now)

Listening to: Talib Kweli – Get By

Pinches gringos me tienen usando Quixote en vez de Quijote. No importa, igual se entiende, lo importante es que se entienda.


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…y te llegó hablar de los hermanos países latinoamericanos que queremos separarnos y alienarlos del país imperialista del norte?

Comment by Alvaro

no es que me llego, sino, si has visto la pelicula verás que hablar sobre Mexico es mas relevante. Si sé del deseo separatista pero ese no es el punto de discusión

Comment by DeMarko

te vas offline?!

Comment by Alvaro

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