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O_O I have not had a voice on the Internets in a while
March 11, 2007, 2:34 am
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old piece….underappreciated, I wrote it for a friend who was leaving during Senior year. Remember kids: NEVER write something for someone, they’ll won’t appreciate it the way you imagined they would. -_-

My head is spinning, are we there yet?
Have we arrived at the stars
are we still stuck in this illusion?
Has this dream suddenly come to an end?
has reality finally found where we live?

the cold mistress of the world
has come to take us away
run friend, RUN! I’ll try and fight her back
run with what have you, imagination is best
don’t let them catch you and put your soul to rest

Here, go on, take the dreams I can spare.
Take one of good vibes with my head in the air
take the platonic love that had yet to be crushed
add to it your fantasies, I know you had them
though you never shared them with me
despite meeting you on my magical journey

I hope to see you again,
despite my bout with reality
Promise you’ll come back,
at least for the memory we never got to have


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a mi no me dedicaste nada

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